work bff

Oh hey there. It's Chan. So how do you survive your workday? Coffee, chocolate, naps under your desk, online shopping binges? If you're lucky, you have a work bff. If you're #blessed, you have a Fats. Fatima, Fats, Fat Shady. Always 110% up for a photo shoot at any moment. The importance of a work... Continue Reading →

{guest post!} collagen moisture filler – review

Happy Friday! I'm excited to feature another guest post today! My friend Marisol of Ordinary Life is Extraordinary discusses facial moisturizer, does some experimentation and brings us the results. I'm obsessed with moisturizing, especially with the cooler months coming up, so I loved her new find! Have a great weekend and enjoy! ♥channing ◊ ♦... Continue Reading →

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