♥ wherever I am, I would rather be eating ♥

here are some of my fave recipes I’ve whipped up:

winter blue cucumber smoothie

banana pecan chia power pancake
snoozy cinnamon french toast + blueberry compote + bacon
double chocolate chunk chia muffins
pumpkin spice muffin goodness

sunshine salad + berry citrus dressing
blissful sage + cheddar buttermilk biscuits
mashed potatoes, times three
brie + hazelnut chocolate grilled cheese [oh yes]
egg salad with dill

skinny + rich delicata squash bisque
spicy + savory black bean soup
red lentil, bulgur + mint soup

roasted garlic
30 second amazing salad dressing

sassy garlic basil hummus
fave delish + quick bruschetta
mango + pomegranate salsa extravaganza
spicy hard boiled eggs + hummus

french gimlet cocktail [tartlet]
tropical winter paradise piña colada

winter white vanilla bean cupcakes
oatmeal chocolate chip pillows
[guest post!] peanut butter chocolate decadence brownies
ah-mazing thin mints!
delectable sugar cookies!

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