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For the record, today is Thursday, if days of the week are even relevant to you anymore. I’ve been writing this post in my head for the past ten days. Originally, it was a lot of random thoughts about this surreal, never-ending horror movie we are all watching on real life IMAX together. Then, it was going to be about how I was staying mostly sane while working from home. Then I became furloughed. So, now I’m sitting in my office looking out the window at the goose mafia and all I can think of is the shrug emoji because I don’t know what the hell to say. I just walk around my apartment pretty much like this all day:

I read the other day something to the effect of “stay in your lane” to help maintain some sanity. For example, I’m probably not going to become a political vigilante because of this situation. I would also love to donate piles of money to the industries and people suffering at this time, but I have to protect my own finances right now until things get better. What I can and will do is write when I can get my head on straight enough to do so and hopefully entertain at least one person for a few minutes. That is my lane. That is what I know, what I enjoy, what I am able to contribute, what gives me satisfaction and some sense of normalcy in my day.

What is your thing? And, it’s perfectly fine if your thing is to finish Netflix. Yes, the entirety of Netflix. We are all going through a thousand different feelings and thoughts and experiences right now. And however each person is dealing with it is fine. Sometimes I go through organizing spurts – which feels great. And sometimes I nap a lot. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Are you still thinking about the goose mafia comment? Well, my friend, if you have not been hissed at or physically chased by a goose on a walking path, you have not lived your best life. I don’t have a live video of either of those, but I do have photographic evidence of their creepiness captured just this morning. All I can say with certainty today is that I’m really glad I don’t live on the first floor of my apartment building.

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Wow, that escalated quickly.

I added this adorable contact form at the bottom of today’s post. If you have any thoughts to share that you don’t want to put in the public comments section, please do so using the form. I would love to chat with you and I will write you back if you like. I’m curious how you are surviving the days, what you would like to see on the blog (outside of my general randomness) and if you just wanna say hi that is cool too. I’ll probably be writing about mostly nothing, which turns out to be the majority of everyone’s lives these days. Maybe what I ate or watched or read or something that made me happy that day. But seriously, I truly never understood the joys of bird watching until this week.

Hang in there. Love ya. ♥channing


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  1. Is it Friday 4/17/2020 and I finally read your entire post. I was happy with the shrug emoji on 4/02/20. I cannot believe 2 weeks have passed. I was satisfied with your emojis and moved on to figuring out update number 55 per airline per cruise line per hotel on whether or not they will refund my clients trips for next 90 days or simply a credit for future stay.
    Will the hotel still exist in the future? This is my lane. The future of travel. What will it be and how do I handle it NOW. I am a Trump vigilante since January. Why? Well we knew since January in the travel industry. It’s impossible to not now what is going on when you specialize in global travel and have 50% of clients in the Asia Market. Also that I understand viruses and infectious disease. It is the first time in my adult life that I can hear a POTUS speak and now for sure ‘THAT’S NOT TRUE’. I’ve never had this privilege in the past and it is an awakening for me personally. ** I love that people are learning about washing their hands :) ha ha ha….I had no idea it was NOVEL. I love that my door opens and I can still bolt out and walk/run 2 hours like always. This saves me but always has. I always drink wine with dinner but I am definitely drinking extra and it’s fun. I’m not miserable or unhappy even though travel is my life and my career choice. I’m working for no pay this year and I seem to be OK with it like I know it will return. Everything returns sometimes BETTER. Now it’s time for Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu with more wine. (BIG SHRUG) and LOVE.

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