highway makeup

The magic of life is in the moments when you think you’re a hot mess for putting on mascara in morning traffic and then you look over and see a chic full on contouring her face. I kid you not, this woman was the Kim K of RVA. I wanted to give her a head nod, but had to admire that process from a bit further back in the other lane.

Kudos to you if you are an adult and can apply your makeup in a non-moving vessel, such as your bathroom. I prefer to apply makeup in stop and go traffic or at stoplights. Ok, I don’t prefer it, but sometimes life (and time management) … you know.

Here’s my 5 minute makeup routine when I want to look normal and know there are no photogs lurking around the corner for their “She’s Just Like Us!” articles.

1) NARS tinted moisturizer: I apply this after slathering my face with face oil. My skin feels like a tortilla chip in these lovely winter months and I’ve now taken to bringing moisturizer to work to reapply in the afternoon. 2) L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise: I love any mascara with a thick brush like this. If I have 30 seconds to do something with my face, it’s mascara. That is my must-have to face the world. Or sunglasses. Just huge sunglasses. 3) Too Faced chocolate bronzer: It smells like chocolate. And makes you look beachy. That’s all you need in life. 4) Face wipes: Because NARS is messy and tinted moisturizer is not cute on a steering wheel.

Have a fantastic day and watch where you’re going please. ♥channing

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