k, hi

Oh hey. We’re gonna call this a micro-blog. It’s a blog about a blog. It’s about the things we keep talking about and telling everyone we love to do but then never actually do those things. You have that thing too. I don’t know what your thing is, but I’m guessing you’re thinking about it right now. Yoga, painting, running, cooking, whatever it is. You’ve probably promised yourself you would do it and are likely kicking yourself right now for not.

My thing is that I don’t like blogs to be boring, but I do want to write once a week. There seems to be something in my head that tells me once per week will get boring. But, I think that is the procrastination monkey saying “nope“.

As I’ve written about before: progress not perfection. Five minutes is better than zero minutes. Micro-blog is better than zero blog. And, you guys, just be prepared for some mildly boring (but probably not really) blogs because I really want to keep this weekly promise to myself. Have a great day. Love you, bye.


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