self talk, part 1

Happy last day of July :)

This one will be quick because I am writing it before work. It’s a can’t really wait and gotta get this one down before the reality of the day sets in kind of thing.

First, I want to say thank you I love you to my friends who tell me to blog again, that it brightens their inbox, that they want to know what’s going on, that they enjoy reading it, that it makes them laugh, and to do it again please. Those friends include (but are not limited to):  Lee (who just last night reminded me that I love this and it makes me happy), Molly, Adriana, Erin, Fats, Soni, Katie, Carrie, Rachel, Bryan, Sharyn, Trish, Chrissy, and of course my mom ( hi mom :). Forgive me if you are not on here and should be. I’m chugging coffee right now and typing real fast.

Today, I want you to listen to how you talk to yourself. If you speak to yourself in a lovely way, please tell me how you do it. If you say horrible things to yourself all day like I tend to do, please stop yourself and say something positive. I’m going to practice this today too. Whenever I’m able to, I will record this in the notes section of my phone. What I wanted to say and what I changed it to. We have thousands upon thousands of thoughts per day and many of them are repetitive stories we tell ourselves out of habit. You don’t even know what you’re saying to yourself anymore unless you really pay attention.

Look at that beautiful branded ice cube at the top of the page. Would you ever tell that ice cube it’s boring or out of shape or untalented. Nope. That ice cube is bold and beautiful, unique, and is amazing and successful at its job. That is the unicorn of ice cubes. You are a damn ice cube unicorn, so act like it. 

Btw, the sexy ice cube is courtesy of The Jasper in Richmond, Virginia and the drink is my favorite on the menu: Caribbean Kween Blackstrap tequila, Cappelletti aperitivo, Ancho Reyes chili liqueur, pineapple, lime, tiki bitters ♥).

Before I go, I also want to thank Vanessa for sending the below image to me this morning (well, she sent the image and I searched for it and found where they sell it online. But tbh $36.10 is hella dough for a poster that I will probably hand-letter myself in my apartment for around $0 and hang in my bathroom and ceiling of my bedroom so I can see it every damn day.) K love ya, bye. Channing ♥

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  1. “The World Does not Benefit from YOU hiding your Bad-Assery!” Now those are words to live by!!! From one badass chick to another… I love you and your energy! ~ Trish

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