work bff

Oh hey there. It’s Chan. So how do you survive your workday? Coffee, chocolate, naps under your desk, online shopping binges?

If you’re lucky, you have a work bff. If you’re #blessed, you have a Fats.

Five minute before buying 10 bags of 50% off Easter candy

Fatima, Fats, Fat Shady. Always 110% up for a photo shoot at any moment.

The importance of a work bff is immeasurable. It’s the difference between laughing disturbingly loud and crying a little on the inside all day at work.

This is the Fats I met day 1 at work. We were in the same training class at work last August. Like me, she looked all buttoned up and ready for business.

Are those Kim K’s shades?

But I realized quickly after she opened her mouth that she is my spirit animal. A complete open book. I’m a more curated coffee table book – choosing way too carefully what I let show – but this girl talks freely about therapy and her immediate thoughts about literally everything. And I love her for that.

Actually has about 100 cats. Note the dagger nails please.

We bring each other Nutella snack packs from the kitchen, finish each other’s sentences, laugh maniacally together at jokes only we understand, and sing impromptu songs to document our codependent work life together.

When it gets too serious in the office, Fats yells out something completely random. Or throws herself on a big ball to make me die laughing. Or instigates a heated discussion with coworkers trying to concentrate.

A big ball is a must have at work

They let us out for fresh air once a day for 30 minutes. Time for more photo shoots.

The parking lot we spend a lot of time in

She FaceTimes with Soni daily who wants me to include that Fats was born in a Honda. This may or may not be true but my death was imminent if I didn’t include that.

Look at this beautiful infectious smile

This is Soni because I know you’re wondering who the hell is Soni

She also drives a Tesla with all white interior and says things like “Let’s do a selfie. Don’t worry it’s on autopilot.” Terrifying.

“Don’t worry, it’s on autopilot” 😳

And back to the Walgreens parking lot. Necessary for work bff bonding.

Urban Flamingo

Car maintenance is also super important work bff bonding. Documenting the moment when Fats learned how to add air to my tires.

Always be learning


Unknowingly color coordinating on Halloween.

Fork in the road and chic bones

Embracing after a work happy hour at The Veil in Richmond. We love beer in goblets.

Ready for our Vogue cover

If it’s for comic relief or for helping each other learn and grow at work, having a work bff is magical. Thanks for existing Fats. Love ya you little glitter covered unicorn. 💗

Now I need to know – do you have a work bff? Tell me about it in the comments! 😘

Have a great day!

💕 Channing

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