midweek treats: balinese lotion, audiobook, gilded life and music

Oh hi there! Damn, look at you. You are looking white hot gorgeous today. And you better know it, girl.

This is what’s coming your way in today’s mid-week treats:
(fun fact, you can now just click on the items listed below that you’re interested in and you’ll jump right to ’em!!) 

A Must-Hear Audiobook
Insta Moment
A Song on Repeat
Tropical Body Lotion
Gilded Store Window (oh a gold shower curtain too)
Netflix Saves a Fave
That Darn Hummus Recipe
Love You, Bye

Audiobook: Girl, Stop Apologizing

One of my small, personal investments in myself is audiobooks. I listen on my phone when I’m getting ready for work and while driving in my car. It’s a cheap way to learn and grow while you’re doing your daily routine and totally on auto-pilot: the best time to absorb new information.

I just finished Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis and it was a dream. It’s by no means new information. It’s stuff we have all heard before: carving out time to achieve your goals, getting over your fear of failure and even drinking more water. It’s also things we don’t hear enough: choose one dream and go all in and the author’s own 10-10-1 plan for your dreams, which you have to hear for yourself.

The main reason I love this audiobook is Rachel’s voice. This is a good girlfriend talking to you and telling you to stop listening to your own crap stories, stop getting in your own way and start focusing on what you want. I wanted to reiterate that these are things you may have heard or read in other self-help arenas, so that you’re not hoping for some novel new ideas. But I like these things drilled in my head. I like that it’s coming from a woman. And I absolutely love that she is completely raw in her story-telling. She is not afraid to sound vulnerable and not afraid to share her journey and her failures.

This book is powerful, smart, sweet and inspiring. You can buy a 3-pack of Audible credits for about $12 each ($36) and each book credit turns out to be around the same price as a fat glass of wine. Check out the trailer below. You also have to love her voice because she narrates the book.

What audiobooks have you listened to lately? Tell me, because I’m ready for a new one.

Weekly Instagram Moment

I feel that Instagram quotes are my spirit animal and I don’t think I’m alone here. I often save words in my account to look back on and I want to make it a habit to add my favorite one here once a week.

This week’s winner: 

But seriously. STOP. Just stop.

Do you ever catch yourself trying to shove yourself back into a space where you used to mentally or physically reside? That is in the past. We must move forward. What are your favorite inspirational insta words from this week?

Also, follow The Reset please. They are the BEST.

BØRNS: Dopamine – Can’t Get Enough of This Album

I’m way behind on this particular music train (years behind) but whatever. I’m straight outta middle school here listening to these guys on repeat. Loving American Money and Clouds.

And especially this:

Body Product Cures Vacation Deprivation

With Summer lurking around the corner, I have tropical life on my mind. In a recent Birchbox, this vibe was delivered in a tiny little lotion sample. After trying it out on Saturday evening before a dinner out, I wrote these exact words in my phone so I wouldn’t forget the feeling: Buttery tropical undertones, perfect to welcome spring. Smells like a product in a luxury Balinese spa resort. 

This is how I felt for a moment:

(*photo from the Ritz-Carlton, Bali, site

And this is the product that packs all that punch and the super soft skin: 

And not gonna lie, I felt like an actual product BOSS when I later read that this product is “inspired by venerable Balinese recipes”, according to the Juara and Birchbox websites.

Ruth & Ollie Store Windows Are Magical

Took this pic the other night. GOLD stops me in my tracks. Ruth & Ollie in Richmond has the best ever-changing window displays.

And please drink in the Queen lyrics painted on the wall ♥.

And a fun inexpensive gold Target shower curtain to make my shower time extra glam. You likey?

Lucifer: Saved By Netflix

You may know I love trash fluffy TV (like Dynasty, c2017. Yep, they remade it.) and also random supernatural shows. When I saw the season finale for Lucifer last year, I thought it was over. They wrapped it up with a little bow so that it could end there if needed. However, I was over the moon when I learned that Netflix has taken over one of my gem shows.

Good job, Netflix. This so-called teaser trailer is nothing more than a glistening abs close-up of Tom Ellis and I hear literally zero people complaining right now. And when he opens his mouth, he’s British. So. Yea. There’s that.

And if you really want to catch up:

Hummus: You’re Probably Hungry Now After That Last Segment

Not my photo, please don’t sue me NYT (photo from hummus RECIPE article), courtesy of Craig Lee for The New York Times). Details and adjustments below.

This is verbatim what I sent to Jane (from the interview) in the follow-up email:
I use canned chickpeas and use all the liquid in the can and pour straight in the blender. I like the consistency that creates. Little bit thinner than store bought and feels more authentic. Also helps the blender not get stuck with the extra liquid. I use cumin as the spice and it’s so great with all the garlic.

K, thanks for reading. Love you guys so hard. See ya next time. Have a fab day.

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